Lawn Care
Covenants and Bylaws
We wish to maintain the natural harmony of Seminole Forest. All lawns should be kept neatly trimmed and reasonably free of weeds. Overgrowth affects all who view it, and those whose adjacent lawns might be encroached upon.
  • Must maintain neat appearances. (i.e. loose trash containers, lawn equipment, etc. must be stored out of sight)
  • Lawns, shrubbery, and hedges must be maintained on a regular basis to prevent overgrowth.
  • Any tree that dies shall be removed promptly. Removal of dead or quarantined tree does not need permission from the ACC.
  • Landscaping on corner lots must not obscure the view of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  • Lawns must be properly maintained and reasonably free of weeds. Note: Dandelions will be considered a noxious weed because of their propensity to invade neighboring lawns.
Grass Care
  • Lawns must be mowed and trimmed regularly to prevent a look of dead grass, wind-row and to keep clippings from getting into the sewer lines.
  • Landscaping materials, such as mulch, stone, rocks, etc. must not remain in a drive or an area visible to the road for more than a two-week period. If kept for a longer period, they must be kept in an unobtrusive spot out of neighbors' view. Note: No landscaping material can be kept anywhere on city right-of-way as stated in Fitchburg Code.
  • Mailboxes should be the size of those generally used in the neighborhood and not an unusual size or shape. Variances must be approved by the ACC.
  • Mailbox supports should be no larger than a 4"x4" post, or a 4 1/2" diameter pipe that should break away easily when struck by a vehicle, as stated in the US Postal Code.
  • Firewood, woodpiles or compost piles must not be kept outside a structure unless neatly stacked, placed in a back or side yard, and screened from view. Any coverages must be black, brown, grey or clear.
  • No permanent signs of any type shall be allowed. Removable signs shall be allowed only as long as they are visibly in use.
  • No permanent clotheslines shall be allowed. Removable lines shall be allowed only as long as they are visibly in use.
  • Statuary and/or decorative items must be kept within the confines of formal landscaped areas or gardens.