Covenants & Bylaws
One of the finest features of Seminole Forest is its wonderful natural forested beauty and pleasant open spaces. In keeping with this setting, we strongly discourage the use of fences and continuous hedges to partition the neighborhood. Privacy and patio screening are best accomplished with shrubbery and evergreens which have many environmental advantages.
  • All fences must follow city codes and be approved by the ACC.
  • All fences must begin and end at the rear corner of the house unless a variance is approved by the ACC.
  • Fences must have a minimum setback of 6" from the lot line.
  • Landscaping may be required to soften the view from the curb and neighbors.
Corner Lots
  • Houses situated on a corner lot shall be considered as having two street faces, and a fence should not come forward of the plane of either fence.
Adjoining Properties
  • Parallel fences on adjoining properties shall not create any corridors, but must be joined to the existing fence.
  • Joined fences should be similar in height, color and materials. To join any existing fence that has been set back from the lot line, the builder of the proposed fence will either fund moving of the existing fence to the lot line, or gain permission about the fence.
Pet Runs
  • Pet runs must be kept behind the home so they are not visible from the street, and must be approved by the ACC.
  • Fences may only be made from wood products unless a variance is issued by the ACC.