Decks & Porches, Additions & Remodels, Other
Covenants & Bylaws
We recognize the desirability of decks, porches and additions. All such projects must be constructed in such a way that they do not block the natural beauty of Seminole Forest, minimize the noise arising from their use, and do not interfere with neighbors' view and privacy.
  • Decks should be placed at the rear or side of the home whenever possible
  • Decks in front of a home may not have grills, BBQs, etc.
  • Porches must attach to the home. Porches which are screened should be placed in the rear or side of the home.
  • Porches in front of a home may not have grills, BBQs, etc.
  • Substantial changes to the exterior structure of a house require ACC approval. These include addition/removal of windows, doors or house additions. Additions must not eliminate privacy between neighbors.
  • Changing the exterior color of the house should be done with consideration of the natural feel of the neighborhood. ACC approval is needed if an exterior color change is proposed. ACC approval is not needed for maintaining or replacing the current exterior house color.
Boats/Trailers/Service Vehicles
  • Parking of boats, trailers and service vehicles owned or operated by residents is prohibited unless such vehicles are kept in garages.
  • Storage of boats, travel trailers, mobile homes, campers and other recreational vehicles is prohibited unless kept inside garages. This shall not prohibit the temporary storage of such vehicles for the purpose of loading or unloading for a period not to exceed 48 hours. 
  • No cars or other vehicles shall be parked on lawns or yards at any time.
  • No wind generators, energy collection units or communication collection devices shall be erected without ACC approval.
  • Large paved areas, driveway extensions, basketball courts, tennis courts, etc. over 36 square feet require ACC approval.
  • Any freestanding structure including, but not limited to, tree houses and greenhouses require ACC approval.